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N Scale - "Cool Convertible" Just Plug Illuminated Vehicle, WOO-JP5614


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Item WOO-JP5614


Factory New!!!

"Cool Convertible"

Just Plug Illuminated Vehicle

Rag-top down, and summer in mind,
this convertible is ready for a Sunday drive.

Just Plug Vehicles make it easy to model
backcountry roads or busy city scenes.

These vehicles add light and interest to layouts without
the need for electrical knowledge, soldering, or wiring.

With a driver and a set of headlights and taillights,
your layout's traffic has never looked so realistic.

Add a Vehicle to a Just Plug Light Hub for easy installation,
Just Plug and you're done!

1 Vehicle with 2 Warm White LED headlights,
2 Red LED taillights, and 1 driver.

36 in (91.4 cm) Red & Black Lead Wires

24 in (61 cm) Cable with Linker Plug
20mA per Vehicle
RoHS Compliant

Size 1-5/16" long
1/2" Wide
3/8" High



Manufacturer: Woodland Scenics