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N Scale - Cylindrical 4-Bay Covered Grain Hopper, Saskatchewan - BAC-19153


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Item BAC-19153



This Car comes in a Jewel Case


 4-Bay Closed
Covered Grain Hopper
(Wheat Herald)


 Completely assembled,
the models feature body-mounted
EZ-Mate II(R) knuckle couplers.

The cylindrical covered hoppers were really
the first step in the evolution of
ACF's centerflow hopper design
one of the most enduring on the railroad scene.

Like the conventional cars which preceded it,
and the smooth-sided cars which followed,
cylindrical were made available in
several sizes for different lading.

Smaller cars are used for cement,
sand, and other dense materials.

Larger cars were employed for plastics,
phosphates, and other very light loads.

Perhaps the most common cars are the three
and four bay mid-range cars used for grain service.

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