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HO Scale - Union Pacific #64194 - Ore Car, BAC-18610


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Union Pacific #64194
Ore Car



Silver Series


The open-top hopper cars are a bit more sophisticated than what they might look!
While these railroad freight cars today almost always haul coal or varying forms of aggregates, such as ballasting (a term which refers to the crushed rock used under the railroad tracks that acts as support and cushioning), coal, or iron ore they have a number of different drop-bottoms to empty their cargo.
Ore jennies are yet another type and these little cars get their size for a reason.
They are built specifically for hauling taconite pellets (iron ore) which are much more dense (i.e. heavier) than most other types of bulk materials like coal and stone, which gives the car their small, but effective size (these cars are predominantly found in the northwest Great Lake region, such as Minnesota and Michigan where large concentrations of iron ore continues to be mined).


Fully Assembled 
• blackened metal wheels
• body mounted couplers
• non-magnetic axles




Manufacturer: Bachmann



Road numbers vary.
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