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O Scale - Bedford CF Morrison Ice Cream Van, Mister Softee, OXD-43CF003


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"Bedford CF Morrison
Ice Cream Van
Mister Softee"



Brightly coloured in red, white and blue and sporting
the logo ‘Freshly Made Just for You!”
on the sides, our model is registered GTR 936L from 1973.

The interior detail is laid out with every ice cream making
‘mod con’ of the day, moulded in green and white.

The front of the van also features specially moulded
ice cream cones on the front of the roof.


The Mr Softee name originated in the United States
but a sales trip to the USA by the Managing Director
of Smith’s Delivery Service supplying ice cream vans
to Lyons resulted in him buying the UK rights to the franchise
for the supply of ice cream vans under the Mr Softee name.

A joint venture with Lyons was formed with
the launch of the first mobile ice cream van
at the 1958 Commercial Motor Show in London.


The Mr Softee name is still going strong today
and the name has subsequently decorated several
makes of ice cream vans over the years including
this Bedford CF Van, which Vauxhall produced
between 1969 and 1988.


3-5/8" long
1-3/4" wide
2-1/8" high

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Manufacturer: OXFORD DIE CAST