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My Train Tracker.com allows you to document your valuable model trains/model railroad collection(s). It boasts many robust features such as pre-filled drop-down menus with editable content for fast data entry, customizable fields, pictures for each item, work logs with the option of setting scheduled work reminders, multiple Collections, multiple Layouts including pictures, sort, filter, and search functions for custom list reports, easy printing, the ability to view items as tiles or in a grid, and the option to download some or all of your data in a set of comma delimited (.csv) files including pictures in a separate folder.


My Train Tracker.com's entire site, including the Online Train Club, is protected by a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption certificate and our databases are backed up on a regular schedule to ensure the security and integrity of your content.


When you join My Train Tracker.com, you create an account and pay for access to that account for one year. The price you pay when you join (before any promotional discounts) will be the price you will be asked to pay each year on the anniversary of the day you joined in order to gain access to your account for the next year.

Should we ever decide to increase the cost of our service, it will only apply to new members. The advertised price when you join is the price you will always pay. Your yearly cost will never increase!

Yearly payments are strictly voluntary. We will not and cannot automatically charge your PayPal account. The ability to make your yearly payment will become available within one month of the due date. If your yearly payment is not made by the due date, your account will be locked until the payment is made. If we do not receive payment within one month after the due date, your account will be closed. We will make every effort to contact you prior to closing your account to help ensure you do not lose your data.

Each payment gives you access to our service for one year, but if you decide to close your account before that year is up, you will not receive a refund of any kind. By closing your account you are voluntarily forfeiting any remainder of access to services left in the year granted by your last payment.


As a member of My Train Tracker.com, you will gain access to the My Train Tracker Online Train Club. It's a friendly place to share pieces from your Collections and/or Layouts, pictures, and videos. You can comment on other members' posts, send other members private messages, and share posts to Facebook.

Access to the My Train Tracker Online Train Club is a privilege of being a member and is in no way considered a paid feature. Access is subject to compliance with our zero tolerance policy against profanity, inappropriate content, harassment, and/or any other behavior that can negatively impact other members or the reputation of our site. We reserve the right to determine what activities warrant removal and/or restriction of access to the Online Train Club and since access to the club is a free perk of My Train Tracker membership, we have final say in any and all decisions.