Working With Pictures

Overview of Working With Pictures

The picture manager is only accessible inside a dialog box launced from a page that allows the addition of pictures, such as the Add/Edit Item page. It allows you upload pictures from your computer or import them from a website. You can also delete already uploaded or imported pictures that you no longer want.

* Note * The only way to close the picture manager's dialog box is to click either the "Finish" or the "Cancel" button. Only use the "Finish" button when you want to finalize any changes you've made in the dialog box. If want to cancel changes, use the "Cancel" button. - However - the "Cancel" button will not undelete any picture(s) that you may have deleted.

** Note ** Items can have up to four pictures and Layouts can have up to eight.

Uploading Pictures From Your Computer

1. Make sure the "Upload From Computer" tab is selected (the words will be surrounded with white and no line beneath them as pictured below).

2. Depending on the web browser you're using, you may see a "Browse" button or a "Choose Files" button as seen above, or something similar. Click the displayed button to lauch your computer's "Select File(s)" dialog box.

* Note * You can upload four pictures at one time. Each picture can be NO MORE than 5MB in file size. When selecting multiple files to upload, they will be uploaded in the order that they appear in the folder from they are selected. And the first picture will be the main (largest) picture. If the picture you want displayed as the main picture does not appear first in the folder from which you're selecting the files, only select the one main picture first, then re-click the button to upload the remaining pictures afterward.

3. Once you've selected your pictures and closed the computer's "Select File(s)" dialog box, the upload will begin automatically.

Click the "Finish" button to finalize all of your changes.

Importing Pictures

1. Click the "Upload From Url" tab.

2. Paste up to four web urls to pictures, separated by a comma, into the input field.

* Note * - Each url must point directly to a picture file. It cannot point to a webpage and it must not contain a query string. Please contact us at if you're unsure how to use this feature.

3. Click the "Import" button to begin the import.

Click the "Finish" button to finalize all of your changes.

Deleting Pictures

Once you have uploaded/imported at least one picture, a small "Delete" link will appear above each existing picture. Click the Delete link above the picture you wish to delete and it will be removed from the line up. If pictures exist to the right of the picture you delete, they will slide over to fill in the empty slot.

Click the "Finish" button to finalize all of your changes.