Import From E-Z Train Tracker 7.0

Import Overview

My Train Tracker can import your Collection(s) from our (ELWOO software) previous E-Z Train Tracker 7.0 software. You will need to have made an E-Z Train Tracker 7.0 Back Up file and saved that to your computer. The back up file is what gets uploaded to My Train Tracker where it will be unpackaged and imported into the new site.

Creating Back Up - If you do not have a Back Up copy made, this tells you how to do that.

1. - Launch E-Z Train Tracker 7.0 on your computer.

2. - Make sure a selection has been made from the "Gauge" drop-down list on the main form, then open the "File" menu in the upper left-hand corner of the main form and choose "BackUp Collection".

3. - Choose a location on your computer to save your BackUp.


1. - On your My Control Panel page, click the Import icon.

2. - Click the "Import from E-Z Train Tracker 7.0" button.

3. - You will receive a message box: "Please locate your BackUp file from E-Z Train Tracker 7.0" - Click "Okay"

4. - Your computer's Open File dialog box will open. Locate and select your BackUp file and click "Okay" (or "Open").

5. - The Import process will begin and may take serveral minutes. Please be patient. You will receive a message when the import process is complete.