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Edit Item Fields

This series of videos walks you through working with Layouts.


Before you can add any Items to your account, you need to either have at least one Collection or at least one Layout. The Collection and Layout objects act as containers; they hold your Items.

  • You can have as many Layouts as you want/need.
  • The Layouts page shows all of your Layouts with up to five of the Items contained within each Layout.
  • From each Layout you can choose to:
    • Edit one of the showing Items
    • Edit that Layout's Details
    • Manage that Layout's Items (Manage Items)
    • Add a new Item to that Layout

Add New / Edit Layout

Adding a new Layout and editing an existing Layout both are done on the same page.

Starting from your Control Panel, click the "Layouts" button to go to your "My Layouts" page.

To add a new layout, click the "Add New Layout" button at the top of the page, or to edit an existing Layout, click the "Edit Layout" link at the top of the Layout object of which you want to edit.

On the Add/Edit Layout page, you can:

  • Name/rename your Layout
  • Upload up to eight pictures of your Layout
  • Assign default "Scale" and/or "Category" values for adding new Items
  • And assign values to any number of the provided fields

** NOTE ** - After adding your first Layout, any of the fields that you may have left blank will not show up on the Add/Edit Layout form unless you click the now visible "Show All Available Fields" link at the top of the Add/Edit Layout page.