My Train Tracker
ELWOO software's "E-Z Train Tracker" and "Online Train Club" all in one.

Create Account / Join My Train

This video walks you through the process of joining My Train and creating your Account.

From the home page, click the green "Join Today" button toward the left of your screen. Or from the Tour, click the green "Join" button in the upper left-hand corner.

Fill in the fields:

  • UserName: Choose a unique UserName that will be used for logging in and will be safe for public display. Do not choose a UserName that will give away your full name
  • First Name: Your first name will only be shared with other members if you allow it to be shared.
  • Last Name: Your last name will never be shared.
  • Email: Your email address can be used for logging in (instead of your UserName) and is there in case we need to contact you... OR if you forget your password and need to recover it.
  • Password: Your password MUST meet the following requirements:
    • It must be between 6 and 16 characters in length
    • It must contain at least one number
    • It must contain at least one upper case letter
    • It must contain at least one lower case letter
    • It must contain at least one of the following symbols !$%_
    • It cannot contain any spaces
  • D.O.B.: Your birth date is for password recovery only.
  • Promo Code: ELWOO software may occasionally dispatch promotional codes that when applied will grant a discount to the cost of joining My Train

The yearly cost of our service will never increase once you join. Whatever our advertised rate is at the time you join (before any promotional discount is applied), that will always be YOUR yearly cost. Our rate may increase, but yours will not.

After clicking the "PayPal" button, log into your PayPal Account (or enter your payment information with PayPal), click continue.

You will be returned to a confirm payment page on My Train where you simply click the "Confirm" button.

Your payment will be made, your Account will be created, and you will be redirected to your My Train Tracker Control Panel.